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Ode to Castor Oil

Besides wanting Carl Kasell on my voice mail really badly...I want a healthy glow, great digestion, all the toxins from modern living to run screaming from my body, oh, and gorgeous, long, thick shiny hair. So what does this have to do with that nasty goop we call castor oil? EVERYTHING! These claims you may… Continue reading Ode to Castor Oil

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I am no longer a webinar novice–well maybe

Today, I conquered my first webinar. It was a fabulous success of women vs technology and I think I came out victorious....if I do say so myself.¬† Today at noon, I did a very informative webinar for Incyst on a 'Naturopathic Approach to Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.' It was much fun, thanks to Monika Woolsey. If… Continue reading I am no longer a webinar novice–well maybe


Hell ya! But my mom does not approve!

OK, My mom would not approve. This study on swearing¬† is F'ing amusing but very flawed, (which makes for great news headlines and conversational starters). However, "they" did not test the impact of positive statements or encouragement, etc. I enjoy a good swear at the appropriate time and plus cussing a blue streak can be… Continue reading Hell ya! But my mom does not approve!

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Aspirin, a real pain…

This article only skims the surface of all the problems with Aspirin (NSAIDs group of meds) and how the biochemical action works--in short, using aspirin treats only the symptom rather than the cause, unless perchance, you have a severe aspirin deficiency problem. NSAIDs act as nonselective inhibitors of the enzyme cyclooxygenase (COX), inhibiting both the… Continue reading Aspirin, a real pain…

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Oh Sugar….is it a sweet poison?

I have a slight sugar addiction, I can quit at any time....and I do, again and again. Then some how I slip. It my be that kind neighbor who brings me a treat or that chocolate temptress in the glass counter at the tea house. As strong as I would like to be, there are… Continue reading Oh Sugar….is it a sweet poison?

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intro blog

Hello All, Soon I will be posting loads of helpful blogs on health, rants about how we should change the world, and many links to interesting health related articles/ videos/ you will get a smattering of humor, bad spelling, and a pleasant nonsense intermixed with my rambling. Dr. Susan Lundgren