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Oh Sugar….is it a sweet poison?

oooh, you sexy thing!

I have a slight sugar addiction, I can quit at any time….and I do, again and again. Then some how I slip. It my be that kind neighbor who brings me a treat or that chocolate temptress in the glass counter at the tea house. As strong as I would like to be, there are times I fall into serious lust with a delectable treat and succumb to my base desires. Oh ya, I arm myself with trail mix, dried fruit, kale chips, flax crackers, etc but some days they are no match to that come hither look a gluten-free, double chocolate cupcake can give when peering over that fair trade/ organic card. I have read the Harvard studies, the Robert Lustig study, Dr. Weston Price’s book “Nutrition and Physical Degeneration” but somehow it happens…my eyes gaze with lust, my heart believes it is true love and my hand goes for my wallet…in the next moment I have secured that cupcake in my grasp…my lips touch the soft icing as I slowly undress the sweet thing. Then it is all over, I feel sad that I cheated on my kale chips for empty calories and a meaningless relationship that will negatively effect my blood sugar balance, decrease my immune system for the next few hours ( and cause an inflammatory response in my body ( (There are many more thrilling articles if you research.)

So why do I do this? Many, many reasons: stress reactions cause a chemical craving (cortisol messes with your insulin response), or sometimes I am tired therefore turning to sugar for a quick boost or it is emotionally comfort food. Whatever the reason, we all have a scientifically explained draw to the demon. Frankly, we need a small amount of natural sugar in our body- it is our fuel. We just over do it to the point of causing health problems; sometimes very serious ones.

As the time of chocolate bunnies, candied eggs, jelly beans and peeps approaches- I vow to take a stand against the evil beast we call sugar. I shall be strong because it is good for me plus it is important I am not a complete hypocritical jerk telling my patients to stay off sugar while I indulge.

Find out more about sugar: Is Sugar Toxic- New York Times

2 thoughts on “Oh Sugar….is it a sweet poison?”

  1. Is it ok to THINK about undressing my cupcake, but not actually do it? Kinda of like a post adolescent fantasy of the taste buds.

    1. it is perfectly fine to fantasize about doing many things with your cupcake…just as long as it is YOURS and you do not consume it afterward–nobody should have a highly inflammatory diet.

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