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Long, Firm and Purple

Ode to the Eggplant- my purple friend. A friend of mind, Monika Woolsey,  just sent a link about the health benefits of eggplant "Farmer's Market Find: eggplant's purple power may help hypertension, diabetes." I have always had a soft spot for eggplant, even if it is part of the Nightshade family (Solanaceae), which tends to… Continue reading Long, Firm and Purple

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“Say you want a Revolution!”

Hey, hey we all want to change the world some how...and in my case, I want to change the world by changing the health of the world both people and planet. By now (after reading my ramblings) you should know that a large percentage of you food supply is genetically altered, sprayed with chemicals, given… Continue reading “Say you want a Revolution!”