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Improve your Confidence with one easy Shift!

Your Self Talk, Naughty or Nice? The good, the bad and the harmful ways we talk to ourselves…and how to improve. Shifting the way we talk to ourselves makes a profound impact on how we view and treat ourselves and in turn how others view and treat us. One thing is for certain we are always… Continue reading Improve your Confidence with one easy Shift!

General Health, Mind Body, Self Esteem

Negativity is an Energy Fart

Standing in a very, very long immigration line, the man in front of me complained, cursed and pouted. Yes, this grown adult, pouted like a toddler not getting his way...but he had a far more colorful vocabulary.  As those near tried to distance themselves in creative ways with luggage barriers and his wife made a pained… Continue reading Negativity is an Energy Fart