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Improve your Confidence with one easy Shift!

Your Self Talk, Naughty or Nice? The good, the bad and the harmful ways we talk to ourselves…and how to improve. Shifting the way we talk to ourselves makes a profound impact on how we view and treat ourselves and in turn how others view and treat us. One thing is for certain we are always… Continue reading Improve your Confidence with one easy Shift!

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Negativity is an Energy Fart

Standing in a very, very long immigration line, the man in front of me complained, cursed and pouted. Yes, this grown adult, pouted like a toddler not getting his way...but he had a far more colorful vocabulary.  As those near tried to distance themselves in creative ways with luggage barriers and his wife made a pained… Continue reading Negativity is an Energy Fart

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Are you Addicted?

Today I am doing a FB Live on Mindful Cellphone have heard me rate about "nuking your nuts" and the harmful effects of cell phone use, but it goes deeper. We are now creating unhealthy relationships with our little phones. We take them to bed, to the bathroom, to dinner, on walks...They go with us everywhere!… Continue reading Are you Addicted?

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Proven Strategies to Beat Teenage Depression

When I first went to college, my roommate, Kat, asked me when I was going to do my laundry… daily.  Oddly, it seemed she was overly concerned about me having clean clothes. With my mis-used intellect, I had bought a little over 2 weeks worth of underwear to procrastinate the chore, much to my roommate’s… Continue reading Proven Strategies to Beat Teenage Depression

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The Worst Holiday Present

You wake up with a shiny new Holiday "gift pimple" on your chin. This is not going to go well with all those party photos. However, it does match the ugly sweater! No one loves pimples! (except, Dr. Sandra Lee, the pimple popper, naturally!) Most of the human race as a whole despises them almost… Continue reading The Worst Holiday Present

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How to Harness the Power of your Cycle

Guest blog by Hana Ilg Want to harnesses the power of your cycle to exercise and socialize at your peak? Then say hello to cycle syncing! Revolutionize the way you work out, socialize, and eat for the optimal you! I was clinging to the wall for dear life, or so it felt like it. The padded floor… Continue reading How to Harness the Power of your Cycle

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Up for Summer Fun? Beat E.D. Naturally

As we are in full on summer mode, it is time for fun, travel, play, and of course we are feeling a little more frisky as the stresses of life seem to lessen for summer. Stress is the equivalent of a cold shower when it comes to our libido. Modern life with our cell phones,… Continue reading Up for Summer Fun? Beat E.D. Naturally

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Poop is one of the first clues to when something is out of balance with our health. Our immune system, our emotional well being, our skin health and more is directly linked to our digestive tract! Click here to start improving your health now!

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Do not Nuke Your Nuts

“Is that a cell phone in your pocket your are you just happy to see me?” Or are you just trying to reduce sperm count, cause mutant DNA (poorly formed sperm not x-men sperm) and increase your risk of testicular cancer? In short, it is a very bad decision to opt for convince over health… Continue reading Do not Nuke Your Nuts

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Changing your Underwear is Great; Changing yourself is Amazing!

"Sometimes it's the smallest decisions that can change your life forever." Keri Russell Last year I was asked to write about New Years Resolutions for a Magazine. Frankly, I am not fond of New Years resolutions. Most of us create just another "To Do List" that do not get to the heart of things. What… Continue reading Changing your Underwear is Great; Changing yourself is Amazing!