Do not Nuke Your Nuts

“Is that a cell phone in your pocket your are you just happy to see me?”

Or are you just trying to reduce sperm count, cause mutant DNA (poorly formed sperm not x-men sperm) and increase your risk of testicular cancer?

In short, it is a very bad decision to opt for convince over health by placing cell phones and laptops on or next to your testicles. Save roasted nuts for culinary purposes only. Yes, I have had too many patients who are trying to conceive and the sperm morphology—the structure—is abnormally formed and unhealthy. Sperms with stumpy or missing tails can not swim. Those of you not wanting to conceive can find other forms of birth control. The cellular changes to the testicle comprise only a percentage of the problem, we are also seeing higher rates of testicular cancer.


Save the Cock, photo by Dmitry Vinokurov 

At one time “tighty-whities” presented the biggest danger to your sperm count, now the world posses larger threats. Saving your balls from more than tighty-whities and biker shorts, which can also decrease your chances of attempted insemination for other reasons beyond the increase testicular temperature, but I digress). Our modern world provides cell phones, lab tops, toxic chemicals, and zeno-estrogens (estrogen mimicking molecules in plastics, pesticides, hormones in our food, etc) just to name a few dangers. It is time to get educated so you can take action.

Two options to save your family jewels other than going off grid are as follows.

  • First do not carry your phone in a pocket or put laptops on your lap, despite its name. 
    • Backpacks or messenger bags work great.
    • Belt clips with EMF protection
  • Second, if you don’t want to carry a some type of bag (bookbag, messenger bag, brief case, man bag, or laptop case) for your electronics; place a blocker directly on your devices.


If you would like more information on testicular health: health tips, how to increase sperm health, how to do self exams and more! Please click here for your guide just $4.95.

Going Nuts?!?

The incidence of testicular germ cell tumors (TGCT), the most common cancer in men aged 15 to 45 years, has doubled over the last 30 years in developed countries.

“Tumour risk associated with use of cellular telephones or cordless desktop telephones.” Hardell L1, Mild KH, Carlberg M, Söderqvist F.

“Lifestyle and testicular dysfunction: a brief update.” Agarwal A1, Desai NR, Ruffoli R, Carpi A.

“Biophysical evaluation of radiofrequency electromagnetic field effects on male reproductive pattern.” Kesari KK1, Kumar S, Nirala J, Siddiqui MH, Behari J. Cell Biochem Biophys. 2013 Mar;65(2):85-96. doi: 10.1007/s12013-012-9414-6.

Shark Week! Don’t let PSM Bite…

Shark Week!

Sharks can be dangerous but PMS is down right deadly.

According to the folks at Urban Dictionary, Shark week can be defined in the following ways:

1. A week in the summer when discovery channel broadcasts all its shows in the shark theme. The best week to watch TV. e.g. Bill: Hey dude you wanna watch TV?  Ted: Not really man.  Bill: But bro its Shark week!!!
Ted: Really! Most Excellent!

2. The week a woman experiences menstruation. e.g. Shannon was in a bad mood because it was shark week.

3. The best week of your life. e.g. “Dude, it’s shark week!” “I know Dude, I haven’t seen sunlight in 4 days!”

Today I am focusing on definition number two….behind door number two dwells much evil, but it does not have to be that way. We may not want to frolic about in tight white pants with little puppies in a field of flowers but it can be a little closer to a happy medium between definition 2 and 3.

Usually we abandon all hippy instincts of being at one with our bodies, our thoughts and, most of all, our emotions and choose to go to war. We fight to regain a semblance of our selves, one were we are in control. Seriously,  we pull out all the weapons: chemical warfare, physical fights, solitary confinement, emotional games, fire/ ice, and other forms of tourture.  In this blog, I want to arm both women and the men that love us with some weapons of healing rather than distruction.

Sometimes, hell, most of the time, we can not banish our alien bodies to a week of solitary confinement (the red tent), where we can rest and take care of ourselves.  Sometimes we just need to put our big girl pants on- with a sexy diaper like device or blood catcher, and get on with our busy, demanding lives.  However, if we do a little work we can hopefully have less shark weeks that bite.

General tips to help PMS:

The biggest help is taking good care of you body and doing a detox or cleanse!

See a naturopathic doctor like me
-Avoid sugar and caffeine – ya, this is not what you want to hear, as you devour that chocolate. However,  the less inflammation in your body the better. Also, caffeine needs to be cleared in you liver by the very cool Cytochrome P450 system at work in our livers. It is as cool as it sounds.
-Doing a liver cleanse, make sure you are healthy enough for this first. Our liver is in charge of breaking down our estrogen amongst other hormones, toxins, and goop. So a clean, high functioning liver helps keep us in balance, which helps keep us from being raving bitches (to put it bluntly).
-Be kind to yourself, take a break and rest, your body is doing a lot of work. Stay hydrated, well rested and eat foods like lightly steamed veggies and easy to digest foods.
– Try Homeopathy, great homeopathics include: Cimicifuga Plex by Unda
-Try herbal teas and herbal tinctures to promote healthy liver function and relax smooth muscles: Dandelion tea for your liver, Cramp and Skullcap bark tincture for relaxing smooth muscles! Also Chaste tree berry, calcium, vitamin B6, vitamin E, Vit D3 and magnesium have all been shown to minimize these symptoms. However, be sure to check with your physician before taking any supplements, especially if you are already taking other medications or supplements.

Scary Shark Week Facts:

45 Per Cent of Attempted Suicides occurred during the week preceding Menstruation in a 1968 Study (Wallach and Rubin)

67% of Alcohol Drinking Binges occur during PMS

Criminal Stats:

North Carolina Prison Study 41 % of the inmate assaults during PMS (1971)  (Ellis and Austin)

Of 42 New York State Inmates Interviewed, 62 per cent were premenstrual during the crime commission
156 British Women imprisoned for theft, prostitution and drunkenness almost half were during paramenstrum
Out of 50 Violent crime Females, 44% occurred during PMS
Henry III(1216-1272) granted pardons for those who killed while of unsound mind during menstration
Edward I (1272-1307) Pardonable Homicide: A Special Verdict: Spared life, Loss of Property
Edward II (1307-1327)Proclaimed a “Madness” a defense for women with PMS
And the stories continued from the horrific to the down right amusing…

“Say you want a Revolution!”

Hey, hey we all want to change the world some how…and in my case, I want to change the world by changing the health of the world both people and planet.

By now (after reading my ramblings) you should know that a large percentage of you food supply is genetically altered, sprayed with chemicals, given hormones, grown too fast in deficient/ nutrient poor soil. As Arlo would say our food gets “injected, inspected, detected, infected, neglected, selected”  and much more.

I am thinking we need a revolution, not only to save our health but save the planet. Here is what I propose…. let us put an end to this crazy toxic cycle, now! We have more than enough statistic to show we have an increase of cancer, ADD, ADHD, Autism, food allergies, autoimmune disease, endocrine disorders, diabetes, etc. Instead of thinking about, cutting out, printing out all these fabulous Green articles, let’s get off our asses and DO something. “There are watchers and doers in this world.” Tired of sitting on the sidelines?

Let’s support the health/ green revolution…..let’s support organic farming- it is cheaper than a medical bill. Local farmer’s markets are then best deal plus there are CSA (community supported agriculture) To find a list of your nearest CSA click here. Not only do you get better food you help save the planet by reducing your carbon foot print because the food is not traveling from across the country or world for that matter, plus there is less packaging, bring your own bag that you can reuse and you will be my hero.

5 Ways to save your health and the planet– not any shocking new ideas just many more good reasons to do them!

1. STOP BUYING BOTTLED WATER– get a filter to instal on your sink and a reusable water bottle preferably stainless steel, glass, or BPA-free plastic bottle (still not my favorite choice). Water is very important- filtered water is better than many bottled water due to the high acidity level of many bottled waters. Maintaining a more alkaline pH is far healthier. From increased energy to the prevention of cancer, alkaline foods/drinks and a healthy pH balance have been revered as a universal remedy in modern culture. See how acidic bottled water is!

Which plastics are safe? learn more

Best of all we can help add to the pollution of our earth. See plastic islands in the Pacific ocean.

2. BUY LOCAL ORGANIC. Many farms offer subscriptions for weekly baskets of produce, flowers and many other farm products. Try a CSA this year! How to choose a CSA.

3. REUSE SHOPPING BAGS FOR ALL SHOPPING. So you can make a statement with a great bag for grocery shopping as well as shopping for a new pair of shoes. You can reuse a bag you have, buy a cool new one to use, or make one- there is no excuse not to have a bag. Hell, I will personally make you one if you email me a good reason why you want one and promise to use it every time you shop.

4. WALK, RIDE, SHARE– Ok it is freaking 113 degrees here! So I do love my A/C car, however, when the temperature drops I will be making my wee 2 mile commute via bike; for now I will be carpooling with my love. Not only will I be saving the environment by biking but improving my cardio health, sculpting my legs and backside too- not a bad deal.

5. NEW TO YOU- Buying gently used items is good for the earth, good for your finances and good for your health. Yes, it is good for your health because to poor guy who originally paid full price for the item also breathed in all the toxins that item off-gassed. New furniture, new clothes, new cars (that new car smell is toxic!) etc off-gas (the evaporation of volatile chemicals in non-metallic materials at normal atmospheric pressure). Many of the chemicals are carcinogenic, lung irritants, endocrine disruptors, and just plain nasty to you lovely bodies. So if you buy use you save money/reduce financial stress, keep your indoor pollution down, plus if you good to garage sales or use Craig’s list you help build community by meeting new people.

You may want to stay informed about going green. Sign up for weekly newsletter or subscribe to World Watch, an award-winning magazine.

This is my shopping bag that I purchased in a thrift store, which I go to via subway. You too can be this cool.

Ooo, I love that shade of toxic pink!

Yes, I will move on to many, many more topics other than depressing toxic chemicals in our food and daily products ….but I must do a shameless plug while moaning about toxic chemicals in out beauty/ grooming products– men, you are getting saddled with this problem too in shampoo, soap, etc. (Check out my healthy living page for alternative, healthy grooming products).

The good news is we can do things to change this problem: we can a) buy better products, b) we can VOTE, c) we can lobby, d) we can do all this plus we can make our own products. It is quite fun and simple to make great products. In fact, I am teaching a class this Sunday with Dr. Dashevsky on just this very thing! The other alternative is to return completely back to the hairy, stinky times of dark ages–but you will not win friends or influence people, but you will have plenty of personal space.

Here is a recipe to inspire you to create:

Thyme and Fennel Seed Cleanser (for normal skin)

Fennel has been used throughout history as an aid to digestion or as a slight diuretic. As an infusion, fennel seeds can be gently cleansing and toning for the skin, and they can help reduce puffiness and superficial irritation. Thyme, which is used in antiseptic preparations, is a good astringent. Because this cleanser is very gentle, it can be used each morning. Dab it on your face and neck with a cotton ball, and rinse.

  • 2 sprigs fresh thyme, crumbled (or 1/2 T dried Thyme)

  • 2 teaspoons fennel seeds, crushed

  • 1/2 cup boiling water

  • Juice of Half Lemon

     Mix the thyme and fennel seed in a bowl and cover with boiling water. Add lemon juice and steep for 15 minutes. Strain the infusion and store the liquid in a jar, in the refrigerator.

If you are still not inspired to create, watch this informative clip! No animals are harmed in this video and it is completely G-Rated

Get toxins out of you home Br Dr. Marchese –

“A candle loses no light by lighting another flame.”

“A candle loses no light by lighting another flame; and the world will become a much brighter place.”

Here is a you tube video from two friends of mine about how to make the world a better place and embrace humanity. We all would like to start our own little peaceful revolution by embracing humanity. Share the love and be healthier by doing so.

“Hitting the Bottle”

Just say no

Similar to the author of this article, I have been shopping for friend’s baby showers and in the past all the wee ones that my siblings produced. It was good seeing all the BPA- free items and toys that were earth friendly plus non-toxic. It is quite humorous that I mostly went to specialty shops for healthy baby products…this should not be a specialty item! Since most people have given up the ancient ways of sacrificing first born, sending them down stream in a basket or exposure on hillsides; I feel we should also stop giving them toxins too.

We love and protect our little ones. So, why are healthy baby products not the norm? Profit and ignorance are the only two thoughts that stay in the non-conspiracy theory realm, but I am sure there are some crazy ideas out there. This article is to help enlighten, so we can go forth and change what is on the shelves of the shops. (For safe bottles:

Hitting the Bottle

SUDDENLY, there’s a baby boom going on around me. I’m making weekly shopping trips to stock friends’ nurseries, and I’m struck by how many signs on the shelves advertise BPA-free bottles, BPA-free sippy cups. It breaks my heart. Manufacturers might be removing BPA, a chemical used to harden certain plastics, from their products, but they are substituting chemicals that may be just as dangerous, if not more so.

“BPA-free” seems like a step in the right direction. BPA, or Bisphenol A, is a synthetic estrogen that disrupts normal endocrine function. There is growing evidence in animal studies that exposure during fetal growth affects the development of reproductive systems and, in offspring, can lead to neurological problems. BPA has also been linked to prostate and breast cancer.”

BPA has been found on money, likely transferred from credit card and A.T.M. receipts printed on thermal paper that contains BPA; it’s also in dental sealants, in the lining of food cans, and in many other items.

Because the federal government has taken no action to ban or even limit BPA, some states have taken matters into their own hands. Maine just approved a ban on BPA in reusable food and beverage containers that will go into effect next year; Oregon is considering banning it in sippy cups and baby bottles.

In apparent recognition of the consumer clout new parents wield, some manufacturers have stopped using BPA. You would think this proves the marketplace can take care of these problems, right?

Wrong. Consider the thermal paper that comes out of cash registers. Its BPA passes through the skin into the bodies of anyone who works at check-out counters, as well as their customers. Appleton, a specialty paper company, markets a BPA-free thermal paper that uses Bisphenol S instead. The Environmental Protection Agency has a voluntary program that is evaluating BPS and 17 other possible substitutes for thermal paper, but has not yet completed its analysis. Until it does, it will not endorse any alternatives.

In the few, limited tests conducted outside the United States, BPS shows estrogenic activity — not as strong as BPA, but not a good sign. BPS is now used in the United States to make PES (polyethersulfone) plastic. Some baby bottles marketed as BPA-free use PES plastic.

Want to Read more

Disrupting the Endocrine system is like poking a Bear

Endocrine System

Disrupting the Endocrine

aka Poking the Bear

Yesterday, I presented a webinar on polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). I discussed the endocrine system–not to cause extreme ennui, but to point out how our endocrine system affects our overall health.

Our bodies are incredibly intelligent (usually, but our brain can convince us chocolate cake is good food). We are naturally designed to run smoothly, constantly working to keep all systems in balance (aka homeostasis). As I was saying, the goal is balance. If we push one aspect of our system out of balance as a result of poor food choices, stress, trauma, chemicals or unhealthy-habit, our body steps up to compensate. When it can no longer compensate, our body begins to show signs and symptoms of disease. Pretty cool what goes on “behind the scenes” while we keep moving through our days–reading this fabulous blog, brushing our teeth, working, listening to NPR, etc.

The linked article below by TEDX gives us a handy-dandy list of all the endocrine disrupting chemicals that we should attempt to avoid. Every chemical shown on the TEDX list meets publishing standards by having one or more verified citations, and the article also cites the primary scientific research that demonstrated effects on the endocrine system.

more information….

Endocrine connections

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