Detoxing body, mind, environment. Part 1

April- Spring Cleanse!

The beginning of Spring is a wonderful time to start a cleansing…..remember it is not only important to cleanse your body, mind and spirit but also your environment.

A few easy tips for A Spring Cleanse:


Sea Salt Massage Bath

Salt massage stimulates the body by increasing circulation, increase lymph movement, deeply cleanses the skin by exfolating old cells. Caution: do not use if you have broken skin, high or low blood pressure, or heart condition.


  • Prepare a warm bath as you sit on the edge or in a nearby chair. Add a cup of sea salts to the bath.
  • Pour a handfull of sea salt into your had, add water to form a thick paste.
  • Massage the paste over your body using small circular motions from your feet to your head.
  • Now you can soak and relax for 10min. To increase detoxification add 2 drops of lemon, grapefruit or rosemarry oil to the bath (do not use rosemarry if pregnant).


Daily Journalling

When our minds are cluttered we have trouble concentrating, thinking clearly, making decisions, staying calm and focused. Therefore it is important to clear the clutter.

  • Declutter your mind by journaling your thought and emotions at the end of each day.  Journalling is a fabulous way to of clearing you mind, you can write ideas down, circular thoughts that you may tend to dwell on for too long, goals, positive talk, etc.
  • Keeping a clear desk is also a good way to declutter you mind. Try to deal with the paper clutter as it arrives: recycle, shred, file, or deal with it immediately to aviod stacks of paper that get out of control.
  • Limit TV time and internet surfing to make a little time for breathing or meditation practice. Meditation can be a 5min mindfullness, a walk in nature or a more formal practice.
  • Making time for yourself. We are continually in contact with others via email, cell phones, etc that it is rare when we have true down time where we feel we can shut off and not be available to others, this is very important to achieving a calm mind.


A simple way to deal with environmental toxins is house plants. NASA research found several plant species can remove pollutants such as formaldehyde, benzene, and trichloroethylene from the air.

Here are just a few plants to help detox your air

  • Golden pothos (Scindapsus aureus)
  • Nephthytis (Syngonium podophyllum)
  • Spider plant (Chlorophytum elatum)


If you would like to read more about women’s health and environmental toxins, I recommend Dr. Marchese’s “8 Weeks to Women’s Wellness”

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