The Complete Detox- 

Clearing the Body, Mind and Emotions

“After completing The Complete Detox, I felt I had my spark back. I was more energetic, slept better, felt more in line with myself and I had a glow that everyone noticed.”

Finally modern science has caught up with what we already knew– when we are happier, we are healthier. This detox is designed to clean up your body,  your thoughts and your emotions. You will clear toxins from your body that contribute to weight gain and poor complexions, as well as, toxic blocks that are holding you back in life from achieving more. Special exercises designed to kick out toxic thought patterns so you can calm the nervous system, reduce the stress and revamp your self-limiting beliefs!

The Program kit:  You will get The Complete Detox Guide; meal plans to help you achieve physical health goals and a healthy weight; daily Exercise routine for maximum results in just 10 min a day; Daily Mind & Emotion worksheets to help you dig deep and clear those nasty thought toxins hiding in your brain that anchor you down; A fab FB support group, plus great resources, access to quality supplements at a discount and health hacks!


The weekly emails will provide you with mind-body goals, a shopping list, and how to meal prep for the week so each meal will be fast, easy, healthy and super yummy.

Your Investment: Just 20 min each morning and 10 min each night minimum. Plus 97 bucks for the 30 day Complete Detox.

Return on Investment: A healthier, happier you. A physical transformation with body composition and healthier skin that glows. Better digestion, better immune system, more energy, better mood and stress level and better brain function with clarity and memory. Plus many people notice less aches and pains in their joints, better cycles, clearer eyes, lower cholesterol and triglycerides, feeling more grounded…etc

Self care is vital for you and your loved ones, friends and colleagues. You will thank yourself and everyone around you will appreciate the shift too! 🙂

There will be several starting dates for this program the first start date is Sept 5th 2019.

Sign up before Sept 1st and get a free Complete House Detox Guide with DIY recipes.

“I loved learning the art of weekly meal prep and recipes! I am continuing to use the meal plans even after I completed the program because every one loved the recipes, I keep the weight off without sacrificing taste and I loved 15min meals- big win!”

Quality Supplements

from Companies I Trust !

(and I am a Picky Bitch)

You can get products that I mention on my blog and in my office with the click of a few buttons from your comfy home. Clothing is optional for online shopping …unless you use a webcam.




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