Upcoming Education

Talking to Your Cells

June 11th, 2015 @ 6pm 

Did you ever want to find out what was happening in your body? Discover the secrets of imbalances? In my upcoming lecture we will delve deep into the desires of your physical and emotional body to unearth to root causes of disease/ imbalances. In this modern world we have forgotten how to communicate with our bodies to maintain health. Luckily, modern science has come full circle to ancient wisdom of our mind being in every cell of our body, not just in our brain. Studies prove more messages are sent to our brain from our body than our brain sends to our body. My methods explain how you can translate your cellular wisdom of the body’s mind to heal and stay healthy. Come learn, play, and explore medicine as you have never seen it before.

Join me on June 11th 6pm , 2015     http://www.meetup.com/New-Thought-Spiritual-Community/



Harvest Your Pleasure

Sept 20th 2014


Needing less stress and more pleasure? Do you not feel unable to take time to enjoy life? Ever feel like you have to “earn” the luxury of pleasurable things? Is your hectic life’s effecting your love life? This is the event for you!

This fabulous event will be held at Ptera Wellness (in the Santa Lucia Birth Center)

4251 S. Higuera St Ste 300  San Luis Obispo Ca 93401
$95 per person, Lunch included. Register soon, space limited

Click here

Harvest your Pleasure #4


Get Naturopathic Health Care 24/7

in your Pjs!

Webinar Success


PCOS Boot Camp

PCOS Boot Camp register now, space is going fast!

Lunch by Leah Jorgenson of Thymely Gourmet http://thymelygourmet.com/

Click here to register


Hello, All and Happy New Year!

I have been thinking long and hard about my mission. Frankly, I want to start a health revolution–I believe everyone should empowered and educated, this way we can make well educated choices to become health. Our lovely health care system and FDA tends to care more about making money than our health. In USA we (the FDA) allows the most food additives including some pretty nasty one. So we must arm ourselves with knowledge and a healthy sense of humor.

Come to class– in the casual sense of the word; I like discussion and laughter, so come with  a joyous heart.

Class Schedule

Class schedule may change- I am open to suggestions to locations and topics. When the weather is nice there is no reason to be indoors deriving our bodies of good Vit D. More classes will be added.

Location: Unless otherwise stated will be held at 5150 n. 16th Street Phx AZ 85016 suite C 162 or at Shea Wellness 10401 N 32nd St. Suite A Phx AZ (All Sunday classes start at 11am and weekday classes start at 6:30pm)

Jan 15th – Reprogram you Body, Mind and Spirit – How to detox body, mind and spirit for a fresh start this year. (Free) 11am

Jan 22th- Fight Bone Loss. Two 2 easy principles to prevent bone loss and regain bone density. (Free) 11am Location: Shea Wellness 10401 N 32nd Street Suite A, Phx AZ @ 11am-12p

Jan 29th- Take Control of your Health- Empower yourself with knowledge so you can make positive choices (free) Shea Wellness 10401 N 32nd Street Suite A, Phx AZ 85028 @ 11am-12p

Jan 31th- Say you Want more Energy? Discussion on ways to get more pep and fight fatigue. (Free) Shea Wellness 10401 N 32nd Street Suite A, Phx AZ  85028 @ 6:30 pm

Feb 5th soft opening for Shea Wellness Group located Shea Wellness 10401 N 32nd Street Suite A, Phx AZ 85028 1pm-evening (free)(they will be playing the Super Bowl)

Feb 12th- The Benefits of Detox. A discussion of various forms of detox plus why and how they can benefit each of us. (free) Shea Wellness 10401 N 32nd Street Suite A, Phx AZ 85028 @ 11AM

Feb 22 – Osteoporosis, how to prevent and reverse bone loss.(free) Shea Wellness 10401 N 32nd Street Suite A, Phx AZ 85028 @ 6:30pm


To register for the class email dr.slundgren@gmail.com
Schedule online now


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